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In a world where change is increasingly rapid (travel, communications, exchange of goods and capital, etc.), new business opportunities are opening up to companies, but also new risks. Criminal interests also migrate very quickly to new sectors or to activities hitherto spared. Leaders must cope with these new challenges and new risks, such as COVID-19 while incorporating the crime parameter in their analysis. As far as we are concerned, we have chosen to support decision-makers in their reflection on the structural decline of risk, but also in the implementation of relevant solutions. Our Group remains close to the client, to secure, advise, support, reassure, and give them time, in order to have them serenely fully devoted to their value-creating activity. We undertake a quality approach with a Premium positioning, in order to offer tailor-made solutions to our clients, professionals, or individuals. Currently, Praetorian Trajan Group is opening up to the general public by offering suitable security and safety solutions such as Central Monitoring and Video surveillance services, Tracking, secure transport of people, and specialized training in the field of security.

Our strenghts

  • Quality of our staff
  • Supervision coefficient
  • Proficiency in 28 languages
  • Partnership with different public institutions
  • Operational proximity with our insurers
  • A methodological approach for each service: Regulatory, Insurance and Operational
  • APSAD P3 certification of our Central Monitoring Station
  • Member of the Board and regional delegate (Parisian region – IDF) of the Association des Métiers de la Sécurité (ADMS)
  • Active menber for the fight against illegal work

A comprehensive services offer

Praetorian Trajan Group provides comprehensive solutions adapted to your needs and contributes to the performance of your company by combining flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptation.

Our Security and Safety solutions are studied with the concern to respond strictly and only to your request, offering various and complementing services.





Praetorian Trajan

Central Monitoring station / High-value goods escort / Events and Specific Services / Manned Guarding / Fire safety.

Praetorian Trajan Protection

Close Protection Services

Praetoian Trajan Formation

Regulatory training and specific training related to different security activities

Praetorian Trajan Transports Services

Secure transport of high-value goods

Praetorian Trajan Prestige Driving

Secure transport of people, combining safety, excellence, and comfort.

Atlas Tech Solutions

Conception and development of data processing solutions for our group’s security activities.



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