Praetorian Trajan assists companies in ensuring the security of their business travellers, expatriates and facilities located in high-risk areas.

We carry out security audits and propose action plans in line with our clients’ human, material and financial constraints.

Training for business travellers

Praetorian Trajan delivers training sessions for business travellers as well as future expatriates and their families. These sessions, which last about half a day, cover the various security issues and local risks can be organised and adapted according to the audience and its concerns.

Operational assistance

Praetorian Trajan conducts security audits and proposes action plans consistent with our customers’ personnel, material, and financial requirements.

We supervise the operations and work closely with our client in order to monitor compliance with best practice, in matters of site and infrastructure security


Benefitting from technical assistance in high-risk areas allows companies to seize opportunities while minimising the risks they incur.

PRAETORIAN TRAJAN offers both technical assistance (search and provision of personnel) and national and international wage portage (contractual agreement of skills from your networks).

We take care of:

  • Payroll management
  • Health insurance and repatriation
  • Professional civil liability

Main sectors of activity: Transport, Energy, IT Telecom, Defence, Industry, Environment, Civil Engineering, Oil&Gas.

Main activities: engineering, support, communication


In order to respond to the concerns of its clients, Praetorian Trajan has developed unique expertise in terms of operational assistance witch enable us to provide a tailor-made response to each category and status of personnel (expatriates, business travellers, long term missionaries, etc.).

We cover nearly forty countries in which Praetorian Trajan has ensured, through a rigorous selection process, the legitimacy and reliability of its partners.

Fast track protocol and Meet&Greet

Providing security officers and guards

Providing armed/soft vehicles and drivers

Monitoring 24/7/365