Following a societal evolution where the use of cash decreases significantly, we note a transfer of risk from the banking sector to the supply chain. As a result, crime is migrating to logistics and transportation, with an increasingly diverse range of goods becoming the target of attacks.

All of these means deployed to ensure the security of our transport were created within our Group and are exclusively used by our own services.

Mechanical protection

Electronic protection

Cyber protection

Operational capacity and efficiency of our staff

Our solution, SAFE TRANSPORT II, is the best compromise between cash-transport and classic unsecured transport.
Our staff have solid experience in the security sector and are trained, by our training center, in risk management on how to behave in dangerous situations, and on the use of advanced technological safety tools in terms of safety.

In our SAFE TRANSPORT II system, the high level of performance of our staff is in line with the means put in place, in terms of mechanical, electronic and cyber protection.

These elements give our customers the following advantages

  • Ease of exchanges linked to the single point of contact throughout the distribution chain, as our group can provide all security services.
  • A structural drop in risk thanks to the limitation of the number of people having access to information
  • Confidentiality through encryption of our exchanges
  • Secure access to information stored in our Armored Operational Center